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August 21, 2019
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CJ Fishman and Bob Daly of Fishman and Associates - Venice Gondolier Sun - PHOTO BY ROGER BUTTON

CJ Fishman and Bob Daly of Fishman and Associates - Venice Gondolier Sun - PHOTO BY ROGER BUTTON

Fishman and Associates was recently featured in the Venice Gondolier Sun in an article by Roger Button.


Businews Columnist

It was a year ago the transition of ownership occurred smoothly and without publicity as Robert Daly acquired and became president of Fishman & Associates at 143 E. Miami Ave. Company founder C.J. Fishman continued in a very active senior management role.

Describing their working relationship as very complimentary because their personalities enable the associates and clients of Fishman & Associates to gain major benefits. Following their first year Daly reports the company has grown financially and everyone is benefiting.

It was 1986 when Fishman launched the company and it has significantly grown. Admitting he had no desire to sell it despite constant requests until receiving a letter which led him to meet Robert Daly.

Such joint cordiality at meetings encouraged him to reconsider. He realized Daly fit the role of the owner who would add business acumen in the driving seat with new management techniques particularly social media ensuring the business continued to grow.

Fishman recalled, “I did not want to retire and Bob realized the benefit of my being involved, additionally we had active projects in which I was involved. I offered to continue working specifically bringing in new business. He agreed and I have subsequently become the founder, it is factual title acknowledging the roles within the company.”

Overall it has been a very smooth transition for the associates and customers. Fishman described it as complex in its simplicity enabling Daly to jump in there to the benefit of the team.

Growing up in the Maryland, Washington DC area, Daly then moving to Orlando where he has lived for 50 years. His career involved working for Fortune 50 companies like AT&T and Honeywell as a process, then manufacturing engineer in electronics in defense contracting.

Moving to product development he concentrated on scientific instruments. He has eight patents for inventions, for example a camera which could see through clothing for security.

A systems orientated specialist he thinks very logically analyzing everything step by step. Formulating a plan of action based upon his decision. Whereas Fishman admits his personality is very extroverted liking to deal with a lot of clients in big settings.

Acknowledging they are clearly different types, Daly said they have connected on the culture, beliefs and values of the business and it has clicked. The philosophy of their associates and customers is aligned together with their own beliefs.

“I certainly admire the longevity of the company, the commitment to excellent customer service,” Daly said. “Certainly, we are not the lowest cost alternative, but we bring value.”

Acknowledging senior living is one of their big markets, having done more than 350 projects nationwide in 25 different states since starting the company and many of those were repeat customers.

“In the future because of the demographics of this state I think senior living will play an important role for us to grow.” Daly continued, “It is inevitable we are going to have a recession, but no-one knows the exact timing and I believe this market is relatively recession proof. That situation will not stop people from getting old and being hungry.”

Since acquiring the business which has 10 associates, he has added two positions, replaced and upgraded two more. All to invest in the future for growth they are definitely busier than in the past.

Stressing the importance of design, an aspect where Fishman’s adds the most value. They have no inventory unless it is for a project, each being unique, although they are selling equipment on a per-project basis.

“We have been very quiet about this transition in the past 12 months, because we strive for perfection, never settling for mediocrity,” said Fishman.

Fishman & Associates are professional food service consultants providing commercial kitchen and bar design and restaurant equipment services, call 941-484-8800.

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