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Electra Katra Explains F&A Service After Sale (SAS) Program

We spoke with Electra Katra to learn more about the Service After Sale (SAS) Program at Fishman & Associates. Electra is our Purchasing and Service Associate for the company. Here’s a summary of her remarks beginning with an overview:

Providing excellent SAS is integral to our business culture and service first mindset. Our goal is to provide each client with the highest quality of personal support. Properly operating equipment is important to kitchen operations and a client’s bottom line. When kitchen staff call us with questions about their equipment, they receive friendly and prompt attention. In most instances, we can expedite warranty calls and parts replacement to reduce down time. SAS is an extension of our shared dedication to client satisfaction.

Here are some other key points noted by Electra: 

  • F&A at no additional charge provides SAS during the warranty period and beyond for past, present and future clients.
  • F&A provides an electronic file with all the operating manuals and a one page summary of the equipment including model numbers, serial numbers if applicable, warranty periods, and the authorized service companies including contact information. This information can be resent to new chefs and managers as needed. We also provide our clients with a hard copy upon request.
  • F&A maintains a database to keep track of the reliability of products that we recommend and sell. We also monitor the quality of the authorized service providers. F&A will not recommend equipment that does not have a solid track record for reliability and quality. The details we compile as part of our database helps us track errors and challenges that are not covered under warranty, as well as equipment defects.
  • During the warranty period, the customer contacts F&A to ask for warranty support. F&A provides first level troubleshooting to try to minimize out of warranty charges. We coordinate with the customer and the service company to arrange the date and time for service. We act on the customer’s behalf to work through any challenges using our credibility with the manufacturer.
  • Many manufactures start their warranty periods upon shipping the equipment from their warehouse. Through SAS we are able to get most warranties extended to begin at the time of the certificate of occupancy.

If you have any questions regarding Fishman and Associates SAS Service after Sale program, please contact us.