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Food safety is integral to the commercial kitchen design process, and from our years of experience working with city, county, and state health inspectors across the nation during project launches and reworks, we have seen first hand how kitchen design and flow can be either beneficial or detrimental to passing food safety inspections.

As noted by Fishman and Associates Vice President of Sales Marisa Mangani: County Health Departments, Division of Hotels and Restaurants, and the Agency for Healthcare Administration have distinct requirements for the approval of food service plans and the licensing of food service establishments.

These requirements will often vary from agency to agency and locale to locale, so depending on which category your food service establishment falls under, you may have different or multiple agencies that you will need to work with. In Florida for example, the Department of Business and Professional Regulation oversees restaurants, most mobile food vehicles, and most public food service events, whereas the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services generally regulates whole-sale food operations, convenience stores, grocery stores, food processing operations, food storage/warehouse operations and non-alcoholic beverage operations (such as juice or smoothie bars and coffee houses). Then there is the Department of Health Food Safety and Sanitation Program, which works with food service establishments to ensure their products are not a source of foodborne illness.


As part of the kitchen design process there are several key points we look for that will help avoid the potential of cross-contamination and will maintain proper temperature control for food delivery, storage, preparation, cooking, and serving. By ensuring that the kitchen’s staff will always have good flow from delivery to serving, the kitchen design will help the establishment reduce the chances of health code violations and along with also reducing the time for initial approval. For a no-cost consultation on kitchen design best practices, give Fishman and Associates a call at 941-484-8800, or contact us.