September is Food Safety Education Month
September is National Food Safety Education Month!
September 12, 2019
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November 17, 2019

A recent 2019 report published by Senior Housing News and sponsored by Sodexo examines today’s senior living dining trends. The report presents the top trends in two categories: Technology and Food.

The five top technology trends include Artificial Intelligence, Facial Recognition Software, Robots (food delivery), Ordering Kiosks and Applications, and 3D Printing. In 2018, compiled a list of the top technologies changing foodservice delivery. Here are the 8 listed technologies: Bluetooth Temperature Sensors, Scheduling Software, Virtual Onboarding, Digital Inventory Tracking, Automated Purchasing Tool, Kiosks and Tabletop Tablets, and Digital Reservation Table.

The five top food trends include Alternative Protein and Sustainably Sourced Foods (soy, lentils, chickpeas and quinoa), Non-Meat Foods, Gut-Healthy Foods (Probiotics), Global Culinary Influences (fermented foods, seeds, nuts, exotic citrus like kumquats and pomelos and enhanced flavoring from lemon verbena, savory and caraway), and Locally Crafted Snacks.

Another important trend is the evolution from institutional-style dining to a restaurant-style hospitality approach aimed at creating a more memorable dining experience. This mainstreaming of dining is reflected in expanded choices such as made-to-order menu items, self-serve buffets, ethnic foods, bars and pubs, and meal kits.

One of the trends within memory care dining is the use of more customized utensils to meet the needs of members dealing with different levels of dementia. They include foam-wrapped utensils, curved utensils with easy to hold grips and weighted utensils for individuals with tremors or diminished motor coordination in their arms. 

Read the full report of Senior Living Dining Trends here: